At Mackisen, our main goal is to provide tax, accounting and bookkeeping services to clients to drive their business forward and improve their bottom line. We seek to create a positive client experience through a healthy work environment for all our employees. The following values guide us toward this end:  

  • Developing effective teamwork and communication
  • Eliminating the culture of blame
  • Embracing learning, knowledge sharing and evaluation
  • Promoting collaboration with trust and respect

Our values express our commitment to caring about people- our clients, employees, community and everyone who is connected to us. These values are shared throughout our firm, and are embodied by each of our employees. Through these qualities, Mackisen maintains a high level of service quality, customer experience and communication at every step.


Ethics is the cornerstone on which all sound professions build their reputation and instil trust in those they serve. Through our company values, we seek to uphold the trustworthiness, integrity and objectivity at the heart of our profession.