Personal income tax

At Mackisen, many of our seasoned professionals specialize in tax law and have years of experience navigating laws to the benefit of our credits. Our tax preparation service is convenient, accurate and affordable. We meet complex needs and stop at nothing to provide our clients with the best tax credits entitled to them. We also provide tax support and represent our clients. Our clients have benefited from our diligent approach and vast knowledge of tax law by either minimizing their payments or maximizing their refund.

In addition to regular income tax, we provide services for special cases including: 

  • Self-employed
  • If you’re working as a contractor, it may not be immediately clear whether they are self-employed or an employee. We’ll clarify the criteria for being self-employed so that if you are one, you can deduct new expenses you weren’t entitled to before.

  • Truck driver
  • Truck drivers are eligible for special deductions that other businesses don’t get. We can show you how to personally take advantage of these unique opportunities.

  • Student
  • Students are eligible for special rates offered under our Loyalty Program. We can help you with loans and bursaries, claiming your tuition fees and getting tax credit for transit passes.

  • Senior
  • Seniors are eligible for special rates under our loan Loyalty Program. We can help with any financial issues relating to retirement planning and estate planning.