Assist in getting a credit line approved

One of the criteria for obtaining financing is to have an existing line of credit. We can help you obtain a line of credit and assess your eligibility for any special promotions, such as the Operating Line of Credit Guarantee.

The Line of Credit Guarantee is available to help financial institutions provide their creditworthy clients with the financing they need to remain competitive and continue to grow in challenging economic times. It is aimed at operating lines of credit with authorized limits between $400,000 and 40,000,000.   

This solution enables participating financial institutions to increase a client’s operating line of credit (LOC) or in some cases maintain it, by guaranteeing 100% of the incremental portion of the operating LOC.

How to obtain an Operating Line of Credit Guarantee

To be eligible, your business must be commercially viable, have an operating LOC secured by short-term assets (i.e. accounts receivable, inventory) and meet eligibility criteria. We will assess your business eligibility and if it meets the necessary criteria, help you obtain the Line of Credit Guarantee.  

Example of guarantee calculation
To increase the operating LOC

Existing LOC
Incremental amount

Total LOC


Guaranteed for your financial institution:
100% x $160,000 = $160,000