Loans & Finance

Whether you're looking to upgrade or replace your equipment, expand or purchase new space or obtain working capital for growth, we’re here to help you find financing for your project.

Buying Equipment

If keeping your competitive edge means investing in new equipment, our sulutions may be just the right fit to boost your productivity and increase your success. If you are planning to buy equipment for your new business or to modernize your existing business, we will advise you on obtaining the financial assistance.

Purchasing equipment requires a large investment and we want to help you find the best financing options available. Whether you require production line machinery and equipment, specialized technulogy or commercial vehicles used to transport goods, we can help you obtain up to 100% of the cost.  Some financing options we can help you obtain include:

  • a repayment period of up to 12 years and the possibility of additional financing to cover transportation installation and training
  • defer payments on principal up to 24 months
  • cullateral requirements that exclude personal assets
  • long –term committed financing with stable terms and conditions

These financing options will help you reduce risk and free up cash flow while you start to generate a return on the new equipment.

Land and building purchase

Are you planning to buy real estate to start your new business or just outgrowing your current facilities and need to expand? Whether it’s for the purchase of land and building, construction of new premises or expansion of existing premises we can help you find financing as well as ways to maximize your investment.

We can help you obtain term financing to fund your acquisition project from start to finish. Flexible repayment schedules may allow you to defer principal payments until after you’ve moved into your new building

Depending on your situation, we can help you obtain financing with distinct advantages:

  • Increased financing to free up working capital
  • Possibility of deferred principal payments
  • Progressive or seasonal repayment options tailored to your business‘ cash flow
  • Long term financing
  • Guaranteed term that cannot be recalled without due cause
  • Fast-track, no penalty repayment options up to 15% of remaining balance per year

For more information on financing see the section Operating Lines of Credit.