Financial Reorganization and Insolvency

Most businesses will face financial challenges during their lifetime. Unfortunately for some, such challenges will force them to resort to financial reorganization and insolvency.  At Mackisen, we have the professionals that will guide you through these complex processes. Before undertaking a financial reorganization or insolvency, our experts will first consider creative rescue solutions to the financial challenges facing your enterprise. Mackisen works with several trustees to file a bankruptcy. We will be there on an ongoing basis to provide all your financial  information to the trustee and answer any questions that arise. Currently, we work with the law firm Kornish & Associates for any bankruptcy and reorganization needs.  Our professionals are always there to offer advice and solutions that take into account our clients` priorities while meeting applicable laws relating to:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Reorganization plans
  • Commercial proposals
  • Collateral assessments