Business tax

At Mackisen, our professionals have 20 years of experience in personal and business taxation. We understand the tax and financial needs of privately owned businesses and address their complex issues on a daily basis. Our professionals keep current and incorporate the latest tax developments into our tax minimization strategies. Our commitment goes beyond narrow interpretations of tax law to offer creative solutions that give you the maximum refund or the minimum payout you’re entitled to.

Our tax and consulting services for businesses include:

  • Corporate Income tax
  • Commodity Tax
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Performance Advisory
  • Strategic corporate tax planning

Our services will help your organization plan for the future and avoid liability. Our investment in education means our professionals keep up-to-date with regulatory changes. We use stringent quality control systems to ensure our services adhere to professional standards as well as applicable laws and regulations.  

IFRS and Tax

Remember that many IFRS standards affect tax reporting. You may need to implement new tax processes and procedures to reconcile and repost the expanded disclosure requirements related to deferred taxation. An early understanding of the impact on your company's effective tax rate will be important for both communicating the effects of IFRS to stakeholders and recasting financial budgets and forecasts.