Accounting & bookkeeping issues

Tax problems are really just symptoms of a greater issue. The real problem lies with bad bookkeeping and accounting practices. Being chosen for an audit is often "EVIDENCE" of bad bookkeeping and incorrect reporting. At Mackisen, we will quickly find out the reason for the audit, file or modify the required documents and come to a negotiation or settlement with government. In addition, we will also examine your bookkeeping and accounting practices in order to prevent future tax problems from occurring.

The government requires that businesses keep financial records in accordance with particular standards. It is difficult for small business owners, untrained in these standards, to follow them and run a company all at the same time. That`s why business tax returns often don`t reflect the reality of the businesses they report. With Mackisen, you have the option of having our professionals do all your bookkeeping and accounting or else having us train you in how to properly keep your records. Trusting our professional auditors to guide you and help your business grow will prevent further audits in the future. We will reduce the current audit work by showing you how to keep your records prepared in accordance with the treasury account audit or financial statement audit, so, when the audit happens, you are fully prepared and save time and money.