Purchase of New Business & Transaction Support

Acquiring an existing business is a critical step in your company`s growth that could ensure your continued success and at the same time put you at a significant risk. Whether you want to invest in a business, a property or an asset it is important to make sure that your investment will generate the return you expect in the future.  At Mackisen, we have years of experience conducting due diligence audit engagements of small and medium sized businesses operating in various industries in the US. Our role goes beyond quantifying the value of a business to providing you with a detailed, qualitative analysis as well as recommendations based on the findings.

We assist our clients throughout the entire acquisition process, from the initial offer of purchase to completing the proposed transaction. Once we have established whether or not your target business will be profitable in the future, our experienced professionals will guide you through the acquisition of the property. We also advise you on the best possible method of financing your acquisition.

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