Financing for working capital

When rapid growth pushes you beyond your current resources, you’ll want to secure the working capital needed for continued success. We can help you find flexible financing to cover increased inventory and expenses. This long-term financing can help you:

  • Increase inventory and boost sales
  • Support your increased receivables
  • Develop or expand into local and foreign markets
  • Implement a marketing plan or growth strategy
  • Pay for day to day R&D and innovation costs such as product and process improvements
  • Implement a plan or growth strategy

To be eligible for financing, most institutions require that you’re business meet a certain set of criteria. If your business doesn’t already meet these criteria, we will help you put the structures into place so that it does. The criteria for obtaining financing include:

  • A line of credit from a financial institution
  • An experienced management team
  • Solid profits supported by recent financial statements prepared by a certified accountant
  • Projected sales growth or increased profitability
  • Adequate level of equity in the business

In addition to helping your business meet the criteria for financing, we can help you optimize the use of your assets so that you receive more efficient financing.

Optimizing assets will allow you to:

  • Achieve an adequate financing structure
  • Obtain additional financing on intangible assets
  • Get a higher percentage of financing on your fixed assets to
    • Free up your working capital
    • Continue operating and meeting pro-forma needs