The Mackisen Advantage

Advantages of letting Mackisen do your taxes

At Mackisen, our tax preparation system accommodates all types of businesses from independent professionals to full-service firms. Our system is fast and efficient and we offer 100% accurate calculations guaranteed. We use industry-leading tax software that ensures you are accurate and compliant. 

We use industry-leading tax preparation software which features:

  • Automatic updates – to ensure we’re always using the latest forms and calculations
  • Active auditor- helps us fix issues on the fly
  • Comparative summaries- improves accuracy by viewing several years of client history, flagging potential trends, errors or omissions.

Advantages of our Accounting and Bookkeeping service  

Why spend time on remittances and monthly bank reconciliation when these mundane tasks can be automated? Let Mackisen do your bookkeeping, so you can free up time to focus on growing your business and serving your clients. Mackisen uses industry-leading financial software so you can rest assured that your books are kept accurately and financial statements are filed on time. For companies interested in doing their own bookkeeping, we set up and install accounting software that works for you.

Our bookkeeping software features:

  • Client Data Review: Find and fix common client errors automatically
  • Working Trial Balance: See & adjust balances in 1 place
  • Sales Tax Centre: Conveniently view & change all taxes in a single location
  • Multicurrency: Adjust currencies, and use memorizes rate histories

Our accounting system and software is designed to grow with your business. We offer accurate and efficient bookkeeping solutions to businesses at all stages of development including start-ups & growing small businesses, freelancers & home-based businesses as well as larger businesses.

Taking advantage of our automated bookkeeping service lets you get organized and save time, produce work estimates more quickly and make sure you don’t under-quote on projects. With our software, you have the potential to track your changes and get an accurate snapshot of your financial situation. What’s more, you can import you old excel spreadsheets automatically so there’s no need to re-enter data when you switch over. 

With our automated payroll system you can:

  • Pay your employees in minutes, as often as you need and for as many employees as you want
  • Save time by eliminating repeated data entry
  • Improve accuracy with regular tax table updates and built in formulas for even the most complex payroll calculations

Our payroll system performs the following tasks: 

  • Calculate salaries, hourly pay, commissions and overtime
  • Easily track payroll expenses and liabilities
  • Write and print paychecks
  • Remit payroll taxes to the government
  • Eliminate checks with Direct Deposit

Not only does our bookkeeping service help you increase profitability by saving time and working more efficiently, but it also lets you pinpoint where you’re wasting or losing money. Keeping track of where you’re money is going and what’s coming in ensures you won’t forget another invoice or invoice clients more than once. Whether you’re looking to outsource your bookkeeping or just automate it, our service helps you discover new ways to cut expenses, reduce and eliminate costs and ultimately improve you’re bottom line.