Financial Planning

Do you need to clearly define your direction and track your business progress? Are you looking to apply for financing? Do you want to improve your business’s financial situation? We can help you develop a financial plan that will allow your business to continue growing profitably. The financial plan also increases your ability to foresee and plan for potential problems, and to adapt to any changes that may arise.  A financial plan includes the answers to the following questions:

  • Personal financial situation of the owners
    • How much can and should you personally invest in your company
    • Will a mortgage or personal loan be necessary
    • What, realistically, should your monthly salary be
  • Business Income statement
    • Includes sales forecasts, cost of goods sold, fixed and variable expenses
  • Break –even analysis
    • How close to maximum capacity you will have to operate
    • The level of sales you will need- and when can you expect to achieve profitability
  • Cash flow statements
    • Create an accurate picture of your monthly financial needs and how much money you will need to operate or remain in business.

With over 10 years of business experience, our team has developed a long term vision and strategies for realizing business goals. We will help you draw up your financial plan so you can envision where you want to be and plan to get there.